The days of having trouble finding a short roll of ordinary parchment paper are long gone. Today, various parchment goods are offered by Wrappe Parchment paper manufacturers in India for a growing number of inventive uses in cooking. Whatever you can imagine, there is a paper for it. Use it to double wrap food for the freezer, line cake pans, layer underneath roasted veggies, make biscuits, or even just bake macarons.

As parchment paper manufacturers we advise purchasing several types of parchment paper sheets if the thought of simplifying things in the kitchen appeals to you. This is a product that is quite useful and may be used frequently. The amount of heat resistance and oven safety of your parchment paper sheets can vary, so here's a quick pro tip: always check.

A Roll of Parchment Paper

This roll of parchment paper is ideal if you want to line your parchment paper for baking pans and sheets, especially the ones that are difficult to clean. This Parchment Paper roll from the well-known Wrapee brand offers a lot of flexibility.

You can select the size you require from a total of 60.5 square feet that is 15 inches wide; just use the effective finger notch for cutting into any shape you desire. This paper can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees in the oven, microwave, and freezer. This Parchment Roll for baking works well for retaining fat when cooking in the oven in addition to being beneficial for baking cookies and other delicacies.

Parchment Baking Sheets

To save having to guesstimate your measurements, Wrapee Parchment paper manufacturers in India has precut this parchment paper into 24 sheets. These Wrapee parchment paper sheets are chlorine-free and unbleached, just like the rest, so you can bake whatever you want.

The 12.5 by 16-inch sheets are simple to use and fit into common baking pans and cookie sheets. They can also be used in the microwave and oven up to 428 degrees. One helpful hint from the business? Use this parchment paper to reheat leftover pizza in the oven; the cheese won't cling.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Type of Parchment Paper for baking

There are two varieties of parchment paper: bleached and unbleached. Unbleached parchment paper is brown and free of chlorine, in contrast to bleached parchment paper, which is white and has undergone a chlorine-free bleaching procedure. Both baking or cooking is effective; however, it is entirely up to you which one you employ.


If you bake or cook frequently, you might choose to have a few of these papers on hand in your kitchen. This paper comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are a variety of alternatives available to suit your needs and preferences, ranging from rolls where you may choose how much you need, to ones that are precut in lengths to fit a cookie sheet or circular shapes to fit a round cake pan, to ones that have preprinted forms for setting out cookies.


Paper parchment is a highly adaptable and practical item to have on hand. Using parchment paper makes cleanup considerably simpler. Countertops can be covered, baking pans or cake pans can be lined, ingredients can be poured, and vegetables or fish can be wrapped. What about the packaging, though? The packaging should feature a tear strip that enables cutting of the sheets and be strong enough to handle sheets being neatly ripped off. Will the paper lie out flat on the pan you're using if it arrives folded or rolled, or will it roll back up or leave wrinkles in whatever you're baking? Consider the packaging of the parchment paper and how it can impact the food you are baking or cooking.

Final Conclusion

The Wrappe Parchment paper manufacturers in India are the finest option if sustainability is high on your priority list.  Wrappe parchment paper sheets are a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up after baking. These pre-cut, non-stick sheets can be used for just about anything from cookies and cake to roasting vegetables. The sheets by parchment paper manufacturers Wrappe offer quick, even heating that distributes heat more evenly and helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout your bake. The resulting thin and crisp cookies or treats are sure to get rave reviews from friends and family alike; plus, you don't have to worry about sticking or slipping since the parchment is oil-resistant. Cleanup couldn’t be simpler – once you’re done with your wrap, simply toss it in the trash or recycle it!