Food waste is a major problem that needs professional handling throughout the entire supply chain. 

Appropriate packaging using wrapping paper rolls for food helps to protect it from mechanical damage. Food undergoes various procedures such as loading, offloading, transportation, etc. It is indeed difficult and challenging to preserve its properties and qualities especially during changing environmental conditions. Foods tend to respond to humid, hot, and dusty temperature differently. In order to make sure it preserves its essence including quality, properties, nutrients, etc. using adequate packaging is an evident necessity. Today, supply chain leaders and officers along with food technologists are doing research to meet the challenges of reducing food waste. The role of packaging here is highly recognized. It plays an important role in reducing food waste by keeping it fresher for a longer period of time. This is applicable to the food which is not only on its way to or in the store but also in the home. However, many consumers fail to understand this.

Though there is a lot of innovation and research happening in packaging industry, many consumers still believe that a packaged food can lead to faster spoiling. They need to seek storage guidance to keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. There are communication campaigns happening everywhere including visual aids and messages to demonstrate the significant role played by packaging in reducing food waste.

Wrapee is one of the leading players in the food packaging industry. It provides food wrapping paper roll, along with comprehensive food packaging materials in India. We manufacture, export and supply aluminum and paper needed to package foods to various industries. 

A wide array of quality products built by packaging experts

  • Aluminum foil
  • Parchment paper
  • Food wrapping paper roll
  • Food wrapping sheet
  • Pre-cut parchment paper
  • Being a well-known paper manufacturer in the industry, Wrapee offers a wide range of high-quality goods at competitive price, along with comprehensive customer support. The professional team at Wrapee is totally dedicated to the well-being of valued customers. Since inception, we have been keeping up high standards to cater to the changing requirements of our customers. Our processes and products adhere to regulations established for packaging and referenced determinations.

    Our professional team works with our customers closely to understand their circumstances, and propose strategies for solutions that help them manage their costs well, improve the efficiency of procedure, provide them resource control and thus enhance their productivity to a great extent. Our seasoned professional will have an insightful discussion with you in this regard. 

    Looking for a reliable food packaging material supplier who can consistently provide you high-quality wrapping paper roll for food at the most competitive rate? Wrapee is where all your requirements are fulfilled.